Device Control Root Apk Latest Version

Device Control Root Apk

Device control root apk

Device control root apk is one of the best and most developed apps available on the Play Store for Android devices.

You need Rooted Device to be able to use an app! Device control root apk

Device control does not root your device! It needs a rooted device. To root your device, do a Google search

This application is available without the warranty, only use it if you believe 100% what you are doing! Maybe I’m not responsible for any damage to your device

Unknown Usage can make the system unstable, so please notify yourself if you do not know about any special feature!


Device control root Apk can access the following on your device:

Read phone status and identity.

Approximate Location(Network-based) , Precise location (GPS and network-based)

Activity recognition.

Read or modify(Delete) the content of your SD Card.

Read google service configuration.

Full network access.

Google Play billing service.

Close the other apps or run at startup.

Control vibration and prevent phone from sleeping.

Delete all app cache data.

Measure app storage space.

Device Control Root Apk Features

There are many great features available in the app. The first feature is that it provides all the information about our device.Like about device version , sensors and much more. every single information about device.

First download the latest version of the Device Controls app from the link below and view your Android device

information using this app.

Install Device control (Root) on your device.

Open it Grant Root permission.

Now click on the three line buttons at the left hand corner.

Information Category

The first category in the app is named as the information. This category includes tools such as devices, hardware, software, and performance.

Device option contains some general , CPU , GPU and sensor information.Device version, Build id or date, eMMC info, Hardware, Processor, Cores, GPU vendor, GPU render and all sensors available on your device.

Hardware Options gives you all the information about which specific hardware is available on your device. Like as Fingerprint, GPS or any other.

Software contains info about software which in installed on your device. This option doesn’t work on some custom roms.

Performance option give us information about how good or bad the device’s battery or cores are working. Information like as battery temperature or health, Cores speed or working time.

Control Category

There are five subcategory in this category. Has been named as a device, processor, graphics, filesystem and thermal driver.These options are highly developed if you don’t know about these please do to make any changes.

Device option in control category contain some general tweaks and some kernel tweaks.general tweaks like backlight keys.Kernel tweak like Changing Entropy or TCP congestion control.

Processor tool give you power to control core frequency and Governor.You can control core limits by changing maximum frequency, minimum frequency or Lock frequency.Control governor by governor tuning or lock governors.

Graphics contains awesome tweak for your GPU this feature not available on all devices.Mostly its only works with custom kernels.

Filesystem option contain I/O scheduler, Configure it and Read ahead. I/O scheduler have three option noop, Deadline and cfq. You can change value of any of these easily. Use this feature very carefully.

Tools Category

Third and last category contain three tools that are Bootup restoration, App manager, Tasker, Flasher and more…

Bootup restoration option used when you want to start any feature of device control root apk automatically after rebooting your device.

Apk manager use to manage all apps installed on your device. It contains app info, enable or disable apps, Force stop, uninstall,Clear cache and Clear data.

Tasker option is using as custom settings you can create any custom setting from available features in app.Create setting any use it as you want.

Flasher use to flash custom rom, backup, wipe data or wipe cache & dalvik. use correct image file for installing custom recovery if you use any wrong file it may brick you device.

More is open up with some more features like wireless file manager, Buil.Prop editor, SysCtl/VM editor and Trigger media scan.

– Bug fixes
– Third party library updates

Developer official website

File Size 5MB
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up
Developed By
Alexander Martinz

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download device control root apk

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