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Flashify Premium Apk

Download flashify premium apk

Sometime we all try to download the paid version of the application or the games for free but due to the incorrect link and misleading on some sites, we are unable to do this.

We welcome you to Mod My Android. We help you download the cracked version app for you and instruct you how to hack apps yourself.

Today we are talking about the Flashify Premium Apk. How to do upgrade from free version to Premium without and cost by yourself

NOTE: This all process requires root permission if you don’t know about it please first learn about rooting.

Flashify Description

This app is used to flash files on your rooted android device.In flashify their are tons of features to help us. before flashify we all need PC to flash any type of file on device but now it’s damn easy to flash you mobile with just few clicks. Flashify premium apk have much more option that free version. Difference between paid and free versions are described below.Detailed info about Flashify from here.

– Firstly, you can flash three files in a single day, but there is no limit on the  premium version, you can flash as many files as you want.

– Download and flash CWM, Philz, TWRP, Gapps, Franco Kernel, Stock Nexus Kernel (premium), and Stock Nexus Recovery (premium).

– In Free version you Backup/Restore only using SD Card but in Premium version Backup or Restore
using Dropbox , Box or Google Drive.

Needs to Hack Flashify premium apk:
Android Rooted device.
Flashify Apk Free Latest version. (Download from here)
Latest Lucky Patcher. (Download)

How to crack Flashify Premium Apk

  • First of all, we need to download a free version of Flashfily. Get It Here.
  • Then we need to Download and install latest version of Lucky Patcher apk. Get It Here.
  • Now Open Lucky patcher first time it download some required file.
  • Find Flashify apk in list of apps. Click and Hold on it.
    Download Flashify premium apk
  • Now select “Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation”
    Flashify premium apk
  • Wait for some time and click on launch button.
    Download Flashify premium apk
  • After app open up click on lock button at up right corner.
    Download Flashify premium apk
  • Select “Unlock Premium”
    Download Flashify premium apk
  • Now new window pop-up select “Save purchase for restore” and click on “Yes”
    Download Flashify premium apk
  • Congrats now you are now premium user.
    Download Flashify premium apk
Q. Is Flashify Apk worked with non-rooted devices?
No,flashify app is not working with non-rooted devices it needs view system files in order to use any of given feature in app that’s why it needs #root permission so please properly root your device. Check this post about how to root.
Q. Is Flashify Apk safe to use?
It depends on you that how you use this app.Never use this app if you don’t know anything about rooting and flashing or  If you know everything about rooting and flashing than their is not a single problem of using Flashify app.
Q. Is This Flashify Apk is premium?
This is not download for flashify premium apk. This is  instructions for cracking flashify apk.

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