10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks No One Knows about

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Whatsapp which is a remarkable and incredible messaging service that have made any other messaging services uninteresting and text messages absolutely redundant. of course there are now heaps of messaging services around, however whatsapp has had a big head start on nearly they all, that means it has tonnes of capabilities.


you can read all approximately what it’s miles and how it works in our whatsapp characteristic, however for folks who already recognise the beauty of the provider, here are a few Secret Whatsapp Tricks you might not realize yet.

  • Make Siri Read Your Last Mesaage and Even Reply to Them

Apple customers can get siri to read any unread whatsapp messages, as soon as you have given proper Permissions to Siri in your Iphone. You could also get Siri to answer to the message along with your voice or begin a new message to a contact.ios: “hi there siri, study my final whatsapp message” > “hiya siri, send a whatsapp message to [contact]

  • You Can Also Hide the Blue Ticks

The ones blue ticks can get you in an entire world of hassle, especially whilst you don’t reply right away and someone sees you have read their messages. you may turn them off, but it is worth noting that if you do, you might not get read receipts in your messages either.

Apple customers: if you get siri to read the message, the blue ticks won’t appear so this could be an excellent way to read a message without the sender understanding you have.

ios: settings > account > privateness > toggle off examine receipts.

android: settings > account > privacy > untick read receipts.

  • Write Messages in Bold, italic or Even with strikethrough

Some times you need to Put Some empahsis on the words you use but using “CAPS” Seems too akward so We have a solution for this also. Whatsapp Allows you to make whichever phrases or phrases you want BOLD, italic, or strikethrough them altogether.

ios and android: add an asterisk both side of the phrase or word for *bold* to make it BOLD. Put an underscore on both sides of the word or phrase for _italic_. to get Italic. You can add ~ to both sides of the word or sentence for ~strikethrough~ like this Strikethrough.

  • Find with whom you have Talked to most

Who is really your favourite person? It might not be who you think. On iOS, there is a way to find the people you send the most messages to and how much storage each person takes up, among other things.

iOS: Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > Select Contact

  • Add Reminder in calender Automatically

If you’re susceptible to forgetting dates you have planed during a Chat, You can easily create a Reminder from the Chat Itself using Whatsapp on ios.

iOS: Press and hold date within chat > Create Event

Ever been out and about, read a chat and then completely forgot to reply? We do it all the time. There is a way to mark important chats with dot to remind you to go back to it though.

iOS: Chats >  Swipe left to right > Mark as Unread

Android: Long press chat > Open Menu > Mark as Unread

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If you’ve got a limited data allowance, you don’t want WhatsApp munching it all away. Thankfully, you can customise when media is allowed to download, as well as ensure calls use as little data as possible.

iOS and Android: Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Media Auto-Download

Ever passed your phone to a friend and instantly panicked about the messages they might see come through? Yeah, we haven’t either. For those that have, you can turn off message preview on iOS so only the contact’s name will appear, rather than their life story, or you can turn off notifications altogether.

In Android, it’s not possible through the WhatsApp app but you can stop private information showing up on your lock screen in Android itself.

iOS: Settings > Notifications > Toggle off Show Preview / Settings > Notifications > Toggle off Show Notifications

Ever had a free evening and wanted to ask several of your friends if they are around without having to open up each chat to ask them seperately?

You can send a broadcast message to a list of contacts with it appearing as though you’ve asked them individually. Great for saving time, terrible if they all reply yes.

iOS: Chats > Broadcast Lists > New List > Add contacts

Android: Chats > Menu > New Broadcast

Some messages are more important than others. Whether it’s a date you need to remember, or a good restaurant you’ve been recommended. It’s possible to bookmark these messages and find them all easily in the Starred Messages section.

iOS: Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Double tap or hold down and press the star

Android: Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Hold down and press the star

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