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Android Wifi Hack App Root or Non-Root (actually works)

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Android isn’t always just a simple device to call. Android device have much more potential it’s lots more than an any other operating system. Now here we with another trick, which you have been going to do with your android phones. That trick is android wifi hack.

Most person know we can hack Wifi passwords with use of rooted android device but only some of you know we also hack wifi password with non-rooted smartphone. So, we share each rooted and non-rooted tutorial to hack wifi password the usage of android apps.

If you want to know that your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPS protocol? Then you can also use it on your own wifi network.

These newly formed apps can change everything in android device. Now, hacking wifi it’s now play of kids only. You don’t to be hacker. Install app any with few clicks hack into someones network.

Android Wifi Hack

How to Hack Wifi Using Android Device

We are helping both with rooted and without rooted android devices to hack wifi password. With rooted one we introduce you two different apps but in non-rooted only one app is available to hack wifi and work properly.

Note: Non-rooted version only worked 5.0 (LOLLIPOP) and Above.

Android wifi Hack

Wifi Wps Wpa Tester App ( For both Rooted and Non-Rooted)

This app is worked with both version of android phones but non-rooted one is with limited functions like non- rooted only connect to wifi network but doesn’t show password. App in rooted phone connect and show password.

How to use wifi wps wpa tester apk:

  • First of download and install app from above link.
  • Now open app and grant root permission to app. (If device rooted)
  • Turn on Device location to work perfectly.
  • Click on scan button at or select auto-scan at bottom left.
  • List of all networks now available find network you want to hack
  • Wifi network with “WPS” security is hack-able select it.
  •  After Clicking on network select auto connect and wait for some time.
  • Now your device is connected with wifi.

If wifi rooted app shows password and you can also copy it from there but if using this app on non-rooted phone then it’s only connects to wifi. connecting only is also not that bad.

Wps Connect ( Only for Rooted )

Wps connect app also hack wifi network with wps security. This app only work with rooted android devices non-rooted device not supported with this app. If your device is rooted then you can hack any wps network with just one click. Using this app also view all saved network password.

  • Download and install Wps connect on your device.
  • Open app and grant root permissions.
  • Click on scan button at top and all network in range shown.
  • Now click on Wps network.
  • Select any pin from pop-up window and click on try pin.
  • Wait for some second if network connect enjoy it.
  • If network not connected then select another pin and try again till wifi not connected.

Also show all wifi password by clicking on three dots at top and select saved password.

With this app android wifi hack is now really easy and simple.

One Additional Features for Rooted Devices

How to disabled someone internet connection using wifi kill Download

What is Wifi Kill?

Wifikill is an android application that lets you disable different persons wireless internet connections on the identical network. it’s far a type of hacking method in which you are hacking other person’s net connection and trying to disable it. this app is particularly advanced for the android smartphone customers. you could easily become a hacker as Wifikill actually falls inside the class of hacking and this application is able to trying to find the users statistics within the wireless modem.

Features of WifiKill!

  • Display the site visitors consumed by the tool.
  • Grabs blog visitors and display the sites visited by using the grabbed devices.
  • Show the network names of the devices.
  • Well-known shows the total numberof bytes transferred with the help of the ‘snatched tool’.
  • Able to disabling the internet of any grabbed tool.
  • You can also view what other’s are browsing on internet or even see what they download from internet.
  • It helps tablets and as a result it is each mobile and tablet-pleasant!
  • Wifikill supports android 4.0 and above most effective.

Use WifiKill

  • Download and install wifi kill from above given link.
  • Open it and grant root permission.without root permission it doesn’t work.
  • Click on scan icon at top of the app.
  • All devices are showing now which is connected to same network as you.
  • If you want to disable all device first click on grab and then click on kill at bottom of the app.
  • If you want to disable any single device first click on that device and then select gran and kill from bottom.

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