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Cheat Engine APK

Cheat engine apk grants you the freedom to do a lot of things with your game that you would normally have no control over. Some of the Android games can be hard to crack no matter how much time and skills you invest in them. For games like that, Cheat Engine for Android comes in pretty handy. You must have used a lot of cheat codes for games that you play on your desktops. There are some applications that provide you cheat codes for a lot of your favorite games you can have your pick of one when you go looking for it on a search engine.

cheat engine apk

CheatEngine For Android – Android Game Hacker

Presenting Android Game Hacker, Cheat Engine For Android.

With this app you can hack almost any games and get unlimited golds, coins, gems, tokens etc.

This app works just like Sb Game Hacker and Game Guardian. Just open CheatEngine and start hacking your favorite game !!

Features of Cheat Engine apk

  • Ability to connect to local or remote processes (via IP).
  • Value types for scanning: for 1, 2, 4, 8 Bytes, Float, Double, String, Array of Byte.
  • Scan types: exact value, bigger than, smaller than, between or unknown
  • Values can also be scanned in hexadecimal form
  • Features a “fast scan” feature, which works pretty good on several games I’ve tested
  • Can scan read-only or paged memory
  • Ability to choose the process OR application from a drop-down list
  • Also features a Memory Viewer (requires some RAM if zoomed out)

A glimpse of cheat engine for Android.

Name Cheat Engine
Developer CTEngine
Size 1.6 Mb
Compatibility Android v4.0.1 & later
Cost Free
Stable Version v6.7
No Of Downloads 6,57,000+
Official Link Mod My Android

How to Install And Start Hacking ?

  1. Download the apk from the link given at the end of the post.
  2. Install the apk.
  3. Open CheatEngine.
  4. Then Open Any Game.
  5. Find the game process in cheatengine list.
  6. Open the process.
  7. Search the value, ex: gold = 1000.
  8. Buy something so that the gold value become decreased ex: 80.
  9. Then in cheat engine you will see the value 1000 become 800.
  10. Add the address of the gold value to the list 4 in list tab, checklist the ACTIVE then change the value ex: 99999.
  11. In game you will see that your gold become 99999.

What’s New in Updated Build ?

  • Fixed Scroll Crash
  • Browse memory from the address list now work



How to Use Cheat Engine For Android Without Rooting?

  • Download the cheat engine apk for Android from the link mentioned above.
  • Open the .apk file and tap install.
    Install Cheat Engine Apk
  • Then wait for few seconds, cheat engine apk would be installed.
    Cheat Engine Apk Installed
  • Launch and open CheatEngine.
  • Then open one of your games.
  • Find the game process in the cheat engine list.
  • Simply open the process.
  • Search the value, ex: gold = 1000.
  • Buy something till the value of gold is decreased to 800.
  • Then in cheat engine, you will see the value 1000 become 800.
  • Add the address of the gold value to the list 4 in list tab,
  • check the list to see if its ACTIVE then change the value to 99999. In your game, the value of the gold will become 99999.

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