Top 3 Controllers for Pubg Mobile and Fortnite For Best Sensitivity and Aim

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Best controller for PUBG mobile Fortnite

The Arrival of games like Pubg mobile and Fortnite has made an immense impact on the Mobile gaming environment all around the world. For many mobile gamers this has been an very amazing experience. Earlier we were able to run only few games but now the Mobile gaming environment has gone under a drastic change which has been welcomed by every mobile user.  Earlier the games used to be kids centric and had very little entertainment factor , As time has gone on, though, that has changed quite spectacularly.

Gaming on mobiles has become more fun , far better than we could have ever expected. The arrival of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite has changed the gaming ecosystem drastically, making them one of the most popular games on the App stores today. Today Far more player are playing on mobile devices compared to 3-4 years back.

But Still One problem exists,– gaming on a mobile has its some drawbacks. It really kinda sucks to play the games with thumbs which tends to get tired after few sessions of games and also makes it harder to really get into the amazing experience of the games. The touch screen have some of their limitations too. All the Buttons cannot be properly placed making it hard to play using all the given options. It’s quite difficult for me to train my hands for proper positioning of the buttons.

Recently , Tencent made it quite clear that it would be reducing people playing Pubg Mobile with emulators but its the best experience you get to play Pubg Mobile On PC with mouse and keyboard. So if you dont wish to play using an emulator and are ready to make an invest for a mobile gaming pad, we have compiled a list of  three main recommendations for you to take a look at today, and they include:

The Pyrus Telescopic

The top of our list for best controller of Pubg Mobile has to be The Pyrus Telescopic, Not only as per our views but many people claim it to be the Best. Most People claim that the analogues are super smooth and they feels really comfortable during game play. And the added bonus is that this controller splits in two parts and can be attached to both the sides of the phone screen making them handling the phone and the controllers very easy and fine.

Best controller for Pubg Mobile

This Controller is quite minimalistic in terms of features, but being super-comfortable it makes the perfect choice for those people who are used to playing with a pad. Since it has got a kind of similar feel like that of the Nintendo Switch, it will be a good choice for lots of users who have trained their hands on Nintendo Switch

Response is crisp, the quality is impressive and it’s very easy to work with. If you are looking for the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile on Android, then we have to recommend that you take a closer look at this.

The Razer Serval

The Razel Serval is definitely in our list of best mobile gaming pads. The Serval is an amazing choice, but it is most expensive of all the controllers which we have for you. But don’t worry if you are ready to spend those extra bucks on this beauty, as it will make up for the cost as this is the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile for those who have been playing on plaay boxes like Xbox 360 pad.

Best controller for Pubg Mobile and fortnite

It’s an amazing choice for gaming pad and will work with most Android smartphones out of the box. It has textured grip on it which makes it amazing to hold and quite comfortable to play, That comfort and fine grip wont let it slide out of your hand once you are in the last circle of the game.

The amazing layout helps a lot, and the screen holder is very durable under our testing and it should keep your phone well placed so that you can play without worrying about phone falling out or some other problems. It can be connected via Micro USB slot as well as Bluetooth connectivity, Sp phone with USB Type C can also make use of this controller. The Razel Serval has a very impressive battery life and uses AA batteries which are quite easily available.

The Moga Hero Power

The Moga Hero Power is quite good gaming controller for mobiles. It is easiest to use and a very useful-size controller.That will give you ample control over how you play and the manner in which you take on the challenges ahead. Not only that, but the comfortable and ergonomic nature of the design makes it very easy to handle that it fits very well in your hands and gives you a really good and comfortable play.

Best controller for fortnite

It comes with a  solid grip which is quite rare for a gaming pad for mobile of this range, making it best choice for Pubg Mobile and Fortnite. If you want to find the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile in this price range, then this is definitely the gaming pad that you should make sure to take a look at. It has got a standard dual analogue style, which makes it a popular choice to go with for all manner of reasons.

However, the best thing about the Moga Hero Power is the enormous 2200mAh battery which is included in there. Which allows you to easily connect it up and charge using a Micro USB cable as you play.

For people who wish that gaming controller doesn’t finish up the battery juice of their smart phone then we will recommend them this one due to its battery backup.

What Should I Choose?

Its really hard for us to say as people have different playing choices So  – it’s entirely a choice that you can, and should make on your own. Nobody can recommend you until you are clear of what you need in a gaming pad. If money is no issue, then the Razer Serval is probably the best controller for Fortnite or PUBG mobile players.

Out of the three options that we can recommend, we think you will find that the Serval is the most balanced of the trio.

Hope we have made some points clear about best mobile gaming controller for you. Have fun gaming.

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