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Flashify Apk

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File Info
File Name            :                Flashify (For Root User)
Developer            :                Christian Göllner
File Size                :                 12.2MB
Version                 :                  v1.9.2
Uploaded By       :                   ModMyAndroid

This app can access the following on your Device:

Modify or delete the contents of your SD Card

Network Communication
Full network access , View network connections

System Tools
Test access to protected storage

Your accounts
Find accounts on the devices

What’s New

– Fixed backup issues on Marshmallow
– Download stock kernel/recovery for Nexus 5X and 6P
If you know about rooting android devices and all that stuff related to rooting means you also know about Flashing recovery and boot images. In the recovery tons of awesome features available like install custom roms , rom backups and much more. Flashify helps you to flash recovery and boot images just with one click you no need to write tons of codes on PC.
Flashify apk is one of the best app you can use after rooting your android device.It is useful to who flashes recovery images or boot image after regular interval of time. Flashify apk is really easy to use with simple look.So what type of features exactly built in Flashify Apk to know about that just take a look below.
Boot image:
 First use of  Flashify Apk is flashing boot images just with some simple steps without flashify flashing boot image is
difficult and using flashify app you no need to worry about bricking your phone. if you use to flash wrong file on your device it may brick your devices before starting flashing process you need to know everything about boot image for android and how it works so learn about it using google.Then use flashify to flash with these steps > Open Flashify Apk > Grant Root permission > Select Boot image > Select any file explorer > Open folder where Boot image file placed in > Select it > Now click on YUP! to start flashing process.
Recovery image:
Flashify also used to flash recovery. after flashing any new recovery old recovery is deleted so create a backup of old recovery if anything goes wrong with new flashed recovery.Flashing recovery is so easy through flashify. If recovery image is not working in first attempt please use another recovery image flashing faulty image again and again may brick you device.To flash recovery image use this step to step guide > Open Flashify Apk > Grant Root permission > Select Recovery image >Click on choose a file > Select any file explorer > Open folder where Recovery image file placed in > Select it > Now click on YUP! to start flashing process.Reboot to check out is recovery installed successfully or not.
Zip files:
Zip files can be easily install using flashify apk. Now you no need to reboot into recovery in order to install zip file. Make sure that file is install-able zip file.for example if you want to install Gapps zip using flashify use below step to step guide > Open Flashify Apk > Grant Root permission > Select Zip file > Click on choose a file > Select any file explorer > Open folder where zip file placed in > Select it > Now click on YUP! to start flashing process.
Flashify apk also able to backup and restore current kernels and current recovery of your use this feature below is step to step guide
Backup current kernel: Slide right > Click on backup current kernels >Now select Back it up! > kernel backing up is started it may take some time
 Backup current recovery: Slide right > Click on Backup current recovery > Now select Back it up! > recovery backing up is started it may take some time
Reboot your android device using flashify. You can reboot into system,recovery and bootloader using flashify apk easily.To use reboot feature just click upper three dot and select where you want to reboot.Download flashify apk
Flashify make flashing process very easy.If you flash any image without flashify app you face many type of difficulty like first of all you need PC to start this process after that you have to write and remember some of code that not easy to remember biggest difficulty is that if device disconnect during process it may soft-brick or hard-brick device.
Q. Is Flashify Apk worked with non-rooted devices?
No,flashify app is not working with non-rooted devices it needs view system files in order to use any of given feature in app that’s why it needs #root permission so please first root properly your device. Check this post about how to root.
Q. Is Flashify Apk safe to use?
It depends on you that how you use this app.Never use this app if you don’t know anything about rooting and flashing or  If you know everything about rooting and flashing than their is not a single problem of using Flashify app.
Q. Is This Flashify Apk is premium?
No,this version of flashify apk is not premium it is free version.In free version of Flashify you can only flash three files daily after flashing three files flashify blocked and unlock after one day.To bypass the 3 daily flashing limit you need to unlock premium version.

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