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Download TubeMate For PC | For Windows 7/8/10

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TubeMate for PC

Want to Download TubeMate for PC? 

You are at Right Place 🙂 Got all information about TubeMate for PC from below.

All video streaming app or website is not perfect! but everyone wants to enjoy all features of one App/Software.

If you want both download and streaming feature in one app then TubeMate is the best option for you.

In a majority of apps or website, you need to copy and paste the link for any desired video. After reading this post you don’t need to do all this.

Nowadays, everyone needs to watch video or download videos at their own convenience. In most popular streaming websites or apps, download feature is not available so use TubeMate on your PC.

Using Tubemate for PC you get rid of all long procedure and no, need to follow long steps. Download any video using Tubemate in PC from any popular websites. All websites are supported by TubeMate.

All download can be done just with few clicks, no need to paste any link. Browse any website directly from the TubeMate app and play or download video easily.

TubeMate is really awesome software for PC ( Windows 7/8/10 ) and for people who like online video streaming.

Now explore all information of TubeMate for PC.

What is Tubemate? | Why to use Tubemate?

TubeMate for PC

Many sites for video streaming is available in the online market many of them struggling for a long time to become top websites, but youtube is world’s most popular video streaming website. Youtube is also seconds largest search engine in the world after Google. Mostly all type of video variety available on youtube from entertainment to education.

Youtube is awesome video streaming site but also have some limitations. Youtube has many strict policies. According to one of these policies, we can’t download video from youtube, youtube officially doesn’t give you the option to download any video. Sometimes you want to play some video but don’t have an internet connection. Now you can play video without internet, for the first time you need to browse video and download it. Then play that video without an internet connection.

Sometimes you also suffer this problem when need video offline. This problem really deep for the music lover. who want to download music including with video. So this app helps you so much and listen to your favourite music offline.

There are many other ways available to download Youtube videos. of course, all this ways are unofficial.  After download video may be you think that this is the easiest way to download any video from Youtube, maybe you are right. But this way is never safe. When you download video file it contains some type virus or malware. TubeMate is safe to use and doesn’t contain any type of virus.

Most interesting features in TubeMate is downloading videos in any format. You can download the video in all different formats like MP4, mp3 or HD. If you are only want to download music in mp3 format then this can be possible with TubeMate. You can also download low quality or high-quality video through TubeMate according to your desire.

Watching a video on a smartphone does not make it great fun, due to a small screen and low quality compared to PC, Laptop or HD TV. The PC or TV viewing experience is much better than any smartphone. So you can directly download youtube video to your PC and watch movies or songs on a big screen in HD. The screen is not the only difference between PC and smartphone, PC is better in many other features that are only available on PC. Storage is one of them, PC have much space to contain large video but smartphone easily run out of storage.

Firstly TubeMate is only developed for Android and IOS devices but now TubeMate for PC developed. You can easily use TubeMate on PC. TubeMate is available for all PC running on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows XP.

Tubemate has always provided the best kind of entertainment when it comes to videos and watching movies.

So read the full post to understand how to install and use TubeMate for PC. Then download any video in HD directly to your PC and enjoy videos without buffering. This best and only software with that much best features.

Features of TubeMate for PC

TubeMate is fully packed downloading tools. we are talking about downloading videos from Youtube but this is not only downloading feature available. You can download video from any popular video streaming platforms like Facebook, Snapchat or Vimeo. Inserting link feature is also available in TubeMate like other software and sites. You use any feature according to your need. Because of all these features, TubeMate is most popular video downloader in a market. Many other software available in the market but none of them compete with TubeMate.

You no need to download any third party software to play video. TubeMate has a built-in video player that supports multiple video formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, and WAV format. This makes it easy to play any video directly from TubeMate. You can play any video on TubeMate other than downloaded one.

If you download video from any browser through video downloader site you can experience downloading fails several times, the download doesn’t resume after pause or download stopped after exiting the browser. But you don’t experience this type issues in TubeMate you can resume the video from where you pause last time. Video downloading is not failing or exit TubeMate doesn’t fail your download you start it again anytime. This feature is a most awesome feature of TubeMate and very helpful for how don’t have a steady internet connection.

From below you see all feature available in TubeMate, Some features are only available for the TubeMate PC version.

  • This is a little bit strange but you can modify the settings of your YouTube account using this Tubemate for PC. You don’t blive it but this absolutely true and you can actually do it.
  • You can also work with the channels. Yes! This is a unique provision which is provided in this version of the software which allows you to work with channels.
  • You can upload any video through TubeMate for PC like you upload video on youtube app or desktop. you can create your channel and upload the videos of any genre.
  • If you like any video or song and want to share it on social media profile you can do it directly from TubeMate for PC
  • You can create a playlist and save your favourite song in it. After that, you no need type in a search and explore any site, just go to playlist play your favourite song. There is no limit of songs in a playlist, save any number of songs you wanted to.
  • Just like YouTube, here also you can like and share the pages. And one obvious fact, that you can also subscribe to the channels which you like.
  • TubeMate for PC is completely free. It based on app ads. When you browsing videos it shows you ads. Ads are not showing during full-screen video play.

Apart from these features TubeMate also has a good theme and easy to use. TubeMate for PC is really simple but simplest make it great. All features of the software are working flawlessly and like a Pro. This software perfectly created for PC. You never face any problem or bug in TubeMate for PC. Like other software or sites, it doesn’t contain any malware or any type of virus. You can download videos or songs without any worry. TubeMate is safest and most secure video downloader. You can also download multiple videos at the same time without any problem. TubeMate makes it easier and faster to download any video from youtube or any other website.

Not only this, you can also select the resolution in which you would like to watch a particular video. Also, you can select the resolution for which you want to download that particular video.

1- Download TubeMate for PC and Install It (Using Bluestack)

In this, we are using TubeMate apk file to install and use on Windows PC. TubeMate is not available in EXE format because it is not officially developed for windows that why we use an android emulator on Windows to install apk. This way TubeMate works perfectly on PC.

Bluestack is the best android emulator for Windows all apps are works same as work on a smartphone. Bluestack is popular and best software utility to run Android apps in windows. You can use Bluestack to install any app that available for the Android smartphone. Install and use an app like Whatsapp, Facebook or any other.

So in this process, we use Bluestack to install TubeMate for Windows. Bluestack supports all Windows PC (Windows including 7/8/8.1/10.). Bluestack works on all Windows without any lags. This is the best option to install TubeMate for PC but if you don’t like Bluestack you can skip to the second option.

  • First of all, you need to download both Bluestack for windows and TubeMate app from below given link. You no need to complete any offer to download both files. Directly download Bluestack and TubeMate on your PC.

Download Bluestack for PC

Download TubeMate Apk

  • Now install Bluestack on your Windows PC. Installation process just takes 5 to 10 minutes and easy to install. You need to set-up your Google account as we set on any android device. (After login google account all google service like play game or any other supported on Bluestack)
  • After installation complete click on install button given below in Bluestack and select TubeMate app to install. You can also easily drag TubeMate app to Bluestack to install.
  • Now you enjoy Tubemate in PC and download any video you want from any website.
  • Now you are good to go, save any video and play it offline and not need to worry about storage.

2- Download TubeMate for PC and Install it using Nox Player

Nox player is also an Android emulator for Windows. You can easily install any app on windows via Nox Player. If you don’t like Bluestack you can use it too to install the TubeMate app on PC. All step by step guide is given below for using Nox Player.

In looks, Nox Player is better than Bluestack. A simple interface that makes the app easy to use. stable and reliable to use any android app on PC. This is also free as Bluestack. Nox Player also compatible with all Windows PC.

Follow below step to step guide to download and install TubeMate for PC:

  • First of all download Nox Player and TubeMate app on your PC. You easily download both files from below given link and download it directly to your PC.

Download Nox Player

Download TubeMate App

  • When downloading complete, first you need to install Nox Player on your PC. It may take 5 to 10 minutes and installation process is extremely easy. Wait till install completed.
  • After the Installation process is complete, Open Nox app player and drag Tubemate app in Nox app player window and wait, it will install within a 2-3 minute. Wait while processing.
  • Now you can use TubeMate on PC and download any video music or anything.
  • Nox Player also works same as Android smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Tubemate app safe to download and install?
Yes, TubeMate is completely safe and secure to use it does not contain any malware or any other type of virus. Many other websites or apps contain virus file please don’t use less familiar apps or sites.

Can I move the videos from Downloads to some other section of the device?
Yes, of course! You can quickly transfer the videos from one place to another with ease. Manage it from settings that where you want to save videos.

Can I convert video files into audio files?
Yup! That’s what the Audio Converter app does. It directly converts the video file into the audio file and you can use it with ease.

Is TubeMate free to use?
TubeMate is totally free to use on any device including Windows PC.

Can I use TubeMate When Offline?
Yes, you can use Tubemate when your device is not connected to a network. Play any video you download via TubeMate or play any videos available on your device storage.

Is there any limit of downloading numbers in Tubemate?
No limit to download video on Tubemate. Download videos as much as you want.

Final Words on TubeMate for PC

If we describe in few words Tubemate is best video downloader. Mainly everyone uses Tubemate to download videos from Youtube but you can also download video from any other Website like Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo. Not any app compete with TubeMate this safest and securest video downloader app. Manage youtube channel directly from the TubeMate app.

TubeMate is available for both Android and IOS devices. After reading this post you can also able to use Tubemate on PC running on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. After using this app you no need to copy and paste URLs just browse youtube in TubeMate and download in any format you want. When using TubeMate on PC I noticed some Pros and Cons given below. Use TubeMate yourself and experience it.


  • A free application which allows you to downloads the videos from YouTube to the PC. This app comes with nice and simple interface
  • You can browse YouTube videos directly with this app and download as much as you want. No limitation to download videos and also download long videos or movies.
  • TubeMate can download videos faster with its multiple connecting features. You can download both low or high-quality videos. High-quality videos also download with fast internet speed than usual software.
  • TubeMate allows you to pause the download anytime you want
  • TubeMate enables you to download the videos in 240p, 720p and higher
  • This YouTube downloader can also download YouTube to MP3 audio files. This feature is best for a music lover who only wants to listen to music.
  • You can easily download videos from Vimeo normally this option is not available in any app or available in a paid app.


  • Sometimes Tubemate crashes during you watching videos. This is so annoying when video force stops in middle. For this reasons, TubeMate is a little bit unstable.
  • In Tubemate you need to install Media converter in order to download HD videos.
  • Users sometimes find that they cannot download videos with high speed
  • Tubemate also has some bugs with ADs, sometime ADs are not stopped from showing. Option to stop Ads in an app is not available.

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