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howdy guys welcome to Modmyandroid. In this post we are provide you with all certain information about Tweakbox app for Iphones. This app is one of the first-class app for ios phones. Without a doubt thier are tons of cool apps but mostly of them aren’t operating without jailbreak but this app is works without jailbreaking Iphone. so, this app is awesome for both who already jailbreak their Iphone other who don’t know about jailbreak or don’t want to jailbreak. Learn everything about app you want to know from below.

TweakBox App

What is TweakBox ?

Tweakbox is an app installer that permits you to install a number of the tweaks you’ll usually get from cydia but if you want to use cydia jailbreak Iphone needed and Tweakbox is worked without jailabreak your iphone, ipad or ipod. This is good for both with jailbreaking or without jailbreaking. In tweakbox it contain tons of feature as we discussed below. Now you easily install third-party apps to your device without any problem.

In TweakBox all apps are divide in five different categories according to app. With different categories it is easy to find any app you want. All categories are described below.

TweakBox Apps Categories

Flash Apps! – In this menu you download all cool apps that are not available on IOS app store. because this apps are including some sort of hack or other problem with IOS app store guidelines. This category is placed different than other four.

App Store Apps – This menu contains all apps that are available on app store. Including all paid and premium apps. You can download all apps for free from here. No need to pay for any apps.

TweakBox Apps – Get your favorite emulators, Music Apps, Screen Recorders, Movie Apps and so much more besides that are only on TweakBox app.

Tweaked Apps – Download modified variations of all your favourite apps, such as snapchat and instagram, whole with functions that the stock version simply doesn’t provide you with.

Modified Games – Hack your preferred games, get limitless live, cash and in-game bonuses without spending a single penny

All above you never get on IOS without jailbreak. List of app and games are completely awesome. Ever wanted hacked or modified app open TweakBox and easily Install it in your device.

How to download and install TweakBox 

  • Open Safari browser in your device and click on this [ link ]
  • Now another page opens automatically, tap on the link that says Installtweakbox profile
  • IOS will now need to authenticate you by passcode you setup in phone. Enter passcode and continue to next step
  • Tap install in the pop-up message
  • Settings will open again; tap on Install

  • On the next page, click on Install and then Next
  • Click Install > Done on the next page to complete the process. TweakBox is now ready for use

If Tweak forcefully Close ( Crashed )

TweakBox is awesome app for IOS but not everything is perfect this app also have some minur bug like sometime it crashes . This is because certificate issue. Apple regularly check certificates of every single app including TweakBox thats why app crash some times. To get rid of this problem download and use Anti Revoke app with this app certification problem is solved and app works flawless. All information regarding installation also available on given link.

Is ‘Tweak Box’ Safe To Use And Legal

Most of iphone users want to download hacked and modified apps or want some type of cool tweak’s in order to use this type of tweak user jailbreak their iphone but according to Apple policies jailbreaking is illegal. But now everyone use Tweak box as alternative of cydia. Tweak box worked without jailbreak that why it is legal to use. Also it is safe to use.

How to Delete “Tweak Box”

Deleting Tweak Box is really easy. You can delete this app in two ways as we described below. choose your way and delete it.

First Way:

  • First of all Open “Settings”.
  • Then click on “General”.
  • Now select “Profile & Device Management”.
  • Find and tap on Tweak Box profile.
  • Tap on Delete Profile.
  • Now Tweak Box app is deleted from home screen.

Second Way:

  • First of all tap and hold on tweak box icon at home screen.
  • When cross shown on icon take your finger off from screen.
  • Now tap on cross at top of tweak box icon.
  • Window pop-up to confirm delete. Click on delete.
  • App is gone now.

Why “Tweak Box” win over other apps

We describe everything about Tweak Box in this post at last we again need you to understand why to download and install and why this app is wining over other apps.

  • No jailbreak required
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to delete
  • No need to worry about the safety of your warranty
  • Plenty of paid and premium apps to choose from
  • Downloads third-party apps
  • Downloads modified iOS store apps
  • Much more besides

Instead of jailbreak your device and go against manufacturer policies why don’t you use this app. jailbreak may also cause of some kind of damage.


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