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DroidSheep Hacking App for Android Devices

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Everyone heard about hacking accounts with WiFi. When devices are connected to WiFi network, hackers can easily hack all connected devices after connecting to WiFi itself. Actually when you are trying to browse anything using WiFi all information across the network transmitted through radio waves. That information is not only transferred to the receiver but also with any other connected device within WiFi network. It was very difficult to do all these things a few years ago we need to learn to code and only professional done this type of things, but now many great apps are developed to do all of this with just a few clicks. DroidSheep apk is one of the best android apps to hijacking WiFi sessions. All information regarding DroidSheep apk is following described. Read below full post to know everything about this app.droidsheep apk free download

About DroidSheep Apk

Droidsheep is a best hacking tool for an Android device developed by ‘Andreas Koch’ in 2011. Its only designed to show the everyone how this type hack works and what type of flaws are available in the network. Droid sheep only developed to test your own account security. It attacks and grabs anyone’s web session that is transmitted over the air when connected to same WiFi network. This app is better any other sniffing app like “Faceniff” in many ways because Faceniff supported very less website and DroidSheep has supported all websites.

Please note:
DroidSheep was developed as a tool for testing the security of your accounts. 
This software is neither made for using it in public networks, nor for hijacking any other persons account.
It should only demonstrate the poor security properties network connections without encryption have.
So do not get DroidSheep to harm anybody or use it in order to gain unauthorized access to any account you do not own! Use this software only for analyzing your own security!

How does DroidSheep work

How droidsheep works
How Sniffing Works

First of all this app require Root permission to work. If your android device is not rooted please root first then this app works. Droidsheep only works when both devices are connected to same WiFi network. Whenever anyone or any device uses the same WiFi network, we use the DroidSheep and attack on web session before it reaches to the receiver and gets all information we required. This may only work on Http websites and Https are not supported. You can browse anyone account directly from DroidSheep. With the above-giving photo, you can easily understand all concept.

Download DroidSheep

DroidSheep is now not available on Play Store but you can download this app from given below link. No need to wait for download it’s a direct link. This app is safe to use and virus free. After downloading read below steps about how to use droidsheep apk.

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A feature of DroidSheep Apk:

  • Using this app you know if anyone browses illegal or wrong things using your internet.
  • Keep your kids away from adult sites.
  • Open site other user is browsing.
  • Remove from the list or Add host to the blacklist.
  • Export that info. via Email or save website cookies.

Download DroidSheep

How To Use DroidSheep

  • Download and install DroidSheep from the above-given link.
  • Open app it needs root permission, Grant root permission.
  • Now accept DroidSheep agreement and click ‘OK’
  • After app open enable both ARP-Spoofing and Generic Mode.

    ARP spoofing: DroidSheep will act as a router and intercept all the network traffic.
    Generic Mode: It listens for any cookie, not only for the sites you know.

  • After all, done now click on “Start”
  • Now, wait for some time.
  • After some time “Not spoofing” change to “Spoofing IP: xxxx.xxx.x.x” at top of the app screen.
  • Whenever someone browses through your network it shows a list of sites.
  • Click on any site in the list and more features are pop-up. Shown in below given image.
  • If you want to open that site or account then select ‘open site’.
    Remove from list option is for if you want to remove any site from the list.
    Add host to blacklist is useful if you don’t want to see any specific website.
    Export via email you can use this feature if want to share this with anyone else.
    Save cookies is good if you want to browse that site again just save it and browse anytime you want.

Some Extra Feature of DroidSheep

Choose WiFi: Using this option you can select your desired WiFi or change it to other if your device connected to the wrong network.

Clear List: Clear list option is really helpful when all screen is filled with a list of websites and you want to clear it with one click.

Clear Blacklist: Earlier you blacklist any site or blacklist site with a mistake but now you want to clear that blacklist than you can use this option.

Debug:  If any issue occurs while running DroidSheep, the app will give all debug info through “Debug” option. Press menu and tap Debug for starting a debug session. Then it will ask you for starting a debug session. Tap on “Yes“.Droidsheep Debug mode

DroidSheep then starts running in debug mode, after 30 seconds, you can tap stop debugging. Then it will show you a set of options to send an email with the debug information.

Safe My Self from Spying Using DroidSheep or any other Same app

If you want to save yourself then first of use secured site that works on “Https”. Https is more secured than Http. This site’s supported by any sniffer apps. Don’t give your WiFi password to anyone. They may be stealing your account password or any other information.

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