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Modified Google Camera app brings Pixel’s HDR plus mode to Snapdragon 820/821 and 835 devices

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Now welcome to our Mod My Android.Today article are specially for Camera lovers. google camera hdr+ is modified and Increased its photo Quality. Read in detail in below artice

In present days with 300 million photos uploaded on Facebook every day and at least 26 Instagram uploads every second, the photography bug seems to have caught the hold on everyone. Plenty of the people depend on the camera on their smartphone as the way they to get photos but some of their photo shots aren’t precise as people wanted it.

Photograph high-quality based totally to your hardware and software. Now its time for a great news for people who’ve device with the hexagon 680 isp or above because the developer b-s-g at the forum 4pda has published a modded version of google camera HDR+ v4.four.012.156195200 worked on any device with hexagon 680 isp or above. this google camera HDR+ give you very good picture quality. this google camera make a way to use on all non-google devices with this Hexagon 680 isp After clicking a photo camera is taking some seconds to do processing and photo have absolutely different from clicked by stock camera app.Google camera worked exceptional on all One Plus mobiles.

Modded Google Camera 4.4 with HDR+

A ukrainian developer by the name of b-s-g at the fourm 4pda has posted a modded version of google camera v4.four.012.156195200. This google camera app is the same one pulled from the third android o developer preview that became released in june of this year. The developer become able to modify it to work with any device that makes use of the hexagon 680 isp or above, which incorporates the ones devices with the snapdragon 820, snapdragon 821, or snapdragon 835 socs.

Developer examined this application on the following devices and feature showed that it really works:

  • LG G6
  • OnePlus 3
  • OnePlus 3T
  • OnePlus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S8

The modified Google Camera with HDR+ help does certainly seem to work with google’s HDR+ generation, because the notification that the app is processing HDR appeared after each picture and there was a clean distinction within the photos after it turned into finished processing.

Download Google Camera v4.4 Mod with HDR+

Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+
Photo’s Clicked from OP3 without Google camera HDR+ app

Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+ Google camera HDR+
Photo’s Clicked from OP3 with Google camera HDR+ app

Now its confirmed that app is safe to use none of the sort, and can confirm that it is safe to install. Interesting part is that developer added tons of references to “muskie” and “Google Pixel XL 2”, so it seems he attempted to force Google Camera into thinking the app is running on the next generation Google Pixel 2 smartphones.

About how B-S-G able to do Google Camera HDR+ modification.

He took Nexus 6 as device to test the app. Then he replace all necessary stuff to get different processing and working all other device with hexagon 680 isp . He spent about 6-8 hours to get it work. After 2 evenings of hard work he able to develop a Google Camera HDR+.

For now he simplest launched beta version and presently, he looking to get the front facing camera to worked with disabled flashlight.
After he fix that he trying to improve photo quality of front facing camera.

He have no plans to support any specific device, but he probably make some other versions of modification worked on different devices. Every device works differently with HDR+ and it’s better to find the favorite one yourself.
He had their favorite five devices to use the  modified google camera on is 2 hybrids, Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL

Behind this app their is hardworking of developer.who bring us this awesome modification of Google Camera HDR+ and try to better our phone.

Thanks for reading this article if you find anything good in this article just share on your social media accounts.
Enjoy this awesome App.

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