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How to Hide Apps , Photos And Files on Android

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Hide Apps, Photos and Videos

It seems strange when someone (friend or family) is using your phone and checking every app and messages. Then there is no privacy for your data. They have control over all your sensitive data such as emails/documents/images or other files on your device.

Then they can do many things such as they send messages to anyone, use your apps, access your personal photos and videos, share on your social media account like Facebook. More than that they access your bank accounts using saved Debit card info in mobile and purchase anything.

Now we less privacy because of Internet and Smartphone like Android. We don’t control Internet because that is our daily need now, but we help you to take control over your Android mobile. Secure all your data or hide specific files.

If you want to avoid this kind of situation then read this post till the end and we help you to take control of your data privacy.

Hide android data

How To Hide Apps

So, what if someone opens WhatsApp, Facebook or any other massaging app and read all your messages. Everyone just wants to prevent this. In some stock roms, this type of features is already built in (for example MIUI). The stock feature works very nice but, what if hide app feature is not available. There are several ways to hide apps that you don’t want to use and want to hide from someone.

Disable Pre-Installed Apps

Some pre-installed app is very annoying and useless. Those apps working in the background without any need. Android OS help us get rid of these apps without and apps.

You can disable these pre-installed apps. Then the app is hidden home screen and doesn’t work in the background.

Follow below step to step guide to disable the unwanted app.

– Open settings on the android device.

– Select Apps option from settings.

– Click on three dots at the top now click on ‘show system’ or ‘all apps’

– Find the app you want to disable. Select it.

– After opening app detail click on ‘disable’

– The app is gone from the home screen.

Note: Disable feature is not functioning on all app.


Hide Apps Using Launchers

If you just want to hide, in preference to at ease, your apps, one of the simplest ways to do this is by putting in a custom launcher.For this whole purpose two best launchers are available to download and let you hide and secure any app you want. Hide apps from anyone’s eye using these launchers. Download links are also available for launchers.

Using Nova Launcher

Hide apps using nova launcher

Follow Below Given Step by Step Guide

– Download and Install Nova Launcher Prime From Above.

– Set Nova launcher as the default theme.

– Now open Nova settings.

– Select App & Widget Drawer in options.

– Scroll down and select ‘Hide Apps’ from ‘Drawer group’

– Then select desired apps you want to hide and close settings.

– Selected apps are now not visible on the main screen.

– You can also un-hide apps with repeating same settings.

Note: To use hide app feature in Nova Launcher you need to be download paid version of nova launcher from play store but we give you pro version of nova launcher without any cost. No need to pay anything and hide any app.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK from Here

Using Apex Launcher

If you don’t want to use Nova launcher here another option is Apex Launcher. Nova launcher also able to hide apps. This launcher works perfectly.

This launcher doesn’t need any paid version. Hide apps using the free version. Download app from the given below link.

– Download and install Apex launcher. Set as default browser.

– Open Apex launcher settings.

– Now select drawer settings.

– Select “Hidden apps”  to control app you want to hide.

Download Apex Launcher

Lock Apps With Passcode

Hiding app is one option another option is yet available what if you secure any apps without hiding it. Yes, you can do it using set passcode on the app. Additional passcode only for Apps. This is different than your stock Lock.

App Lock gives its best on phones with fingerprint security. App lock with a passcode is good but not best. It’s not easy to open but sometimes this gets some minor bugs.

Using App-Lock

Lock Apps Using App-lock app

This is a really awesome app to prevent anyone from opening your messages or any other app. This app also has another feature which prevents you from uninstalling apps. If you use this Advance Protection and try to uninstall selected app first you need to enter a password.

Open Lock-screen app > Enter Pattern you want to set > Select the app you want to lock. Now all selected apps need a password before opening.

Download App-Lock from Here

Using Fingerprint App-Lock

Lock apps using fingerprint app-lock

Fingerprint App-Lock is an advanced version of simple app lock. Instead of Passcode, you need to fingerprint to unlock any app. This is safer than the older one.

Open Lock-screen Fingerprint app > Select apps you want to lock. All done now the app is not open without Fingerprint.

Download Fingerprint App-Lock

Hide Apps Using Official Installed App on Device

Some device manufacturer built “Hide App” feature in stock rom’s. For Example, Samsung and MIUI have this type of feature in stock rom’s.

You no need to install any third-party app to use this feature or no need to install any launcher.

Below step to step guide to use this feature on “Samsung” and “MIUI” devices.

Samsung Devices

If you want to hide apps in stock Samsung devices follow below step to step guide. This is really easy to hide apps in Samsung.

  • Go to the main screen on Samsung device.
  • Click on “Menu” button.
  • Now select Hide Apps.
  • The select desired app you want to Hide.

MI Devices

  • Open Security app on MI device.
  • Select desired apps and click on the set password.
  • Now set pattern two times and click Next.
  • Then click on Add account.

How To Hide Photos and Videos

Most Android devices don’t actually have a stock ability to hide stuff, so no matter what you’re looking to do, you’re probably going to have to resort to third-party apps. Let’s start with the basics and learn to hide some files in general. we can also hide media file using file manager. We talk about all these in detail below.

No one wants to show their personal photos to anyone to hide it using below steps.

Using App-Lock

Lock Apps Using App-lock app

This app is work as two type of apps. Using this app you can Hide apps and also hide Media (Photos or Video). Follow below step to step guide to hide media files using app-lock.

  • Download and Install App-Lock
  • Open the app and draw pattern you want.
  • Then enter recovery E-mail (Not required) or click on save without entering E-mail
  • Now select vault.
  • Select video or Audio whatever you want to hide.
  • Click on Plus button.
  • Now select photos or videos you want to hide.
  • Click on lock icon at below and click on ‘OK’
  • All done now media is hidden from the gallery.

Download App-Lock from Here

Note: Don’t delete App-Lock folder from a phone or Sd Card. If you delete it all hidden photos or video are deleted automatically.

Using File Manager

You can hide any file using File Manager. This is the easiest way to hide any file. This is not only for media you can hide any format using this method.

  • Open file manager. Stock or third-party.
  • Find the file you want to hide.
  • Long click on that file.
  • Select rename to change the name.
  • Don’t change anything just enter dot before file name and save.
  • Now file hidden.

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