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How to Hide Root using Hide My Root Apk

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Occasionally you may also have encountered a problem that some apps do not work due to Rooting your android device. Mostly banking or payment apps stop working on the device due to rooting or this can be any another app. This all because of security reasons, The Rooted android device is less secure than normal phones. But there is some solution to every problem. To solve this problem on a Rooted android device you can use Hide My Root App. Using this app extremely easy. You can Hide root on your phone with just one click. All information about “Hide My Root” is described below.

Hide My Root Apk

About Hide My Root

Want to hide root from your phone for temporary and want to make some apps thought that your phone is not rooted, then this app is for you. Let hide root without an unrooting android phone this is really easy to use. Actually, this app temporarily deletes superuser binary and without superuser apps doesn’t get root access. This app is really helpful if any other app not working on a rooted device.

This is a very serious problem when someone uses your phone and explores the rooted apps. Because everyone doesn’t know about rooting and how to use it. Some wrong steps may brick your device, but don’t worry this app also have a solution for this. Hide My Root app contains password protection and make sure that no one uses root except you.

Download Hide My Root Apk

Download app from below given link. No need to wait, the direct link is available here.

Name Hide My Root
Size 75 KB
Developer Amphoras
Requirement 2.2 and up
Version 4.0

download hide my root apk

The paid version of “Hide My Root” is also available in play store. If you want AD free version download it from Play Store. Also, Check Out Fontster APK.

How to Use Hide My Root

– Download app from above-given link and install on your android device (Make sure unknown source is enabled)

– Now open an app and accept apps policies.

– Now click on ‘Hide SU binary’, It may take some seconds to load.

– When ‘Successfully hide SU binary’ message pop-up, click on OK.

– Now Root is hidden from all apps. Run any app you want

– To restore SU binary, just go to the app and click on “Restore SU Binary

Still some apps with high security detect Root. Then you need to uninstall SU app, but don’t worry you also have the option to re-install SU app easily with one click.

– To uninstall SU click on “Uninstall Su app

– Now select which Su app you are using. eg: Chainfire SuperSu

– After loading completely click on OK.

Now you are good to go and use any app you want. No one can stop you not even Rooted Android device.

How to Setup Password in Hide My Root App

Set a password. You will need to enter this password every time when you try to turn the password off or restore the superuser binary. The password may be deleted after clearing app data but superuser binary doesn’t delete, it will still be there.

– Open app and select options menu.

– Now click password.

– Enter the desired password in “Change Password” twice.

Now the password is set it is needed everytime you want to turn off password or restore SU.


Changed how it hides/restores root access. Should work more reliably.
Now supports SuperSu and Koush’s Superuser app.


This app itself required root permission.
On some custom Roms, this app may not works properly.
use it at your own risk.


This app can access following on your phone:

View network connections.
Full network access.
Get info about installed apps.
Directly send multimedia messages.
Start in the background.

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