How to root using cf-auto-root

How to Root using CF Auto Root – Step to Step

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Lots of Android devices to be had in brand new marketplace all with distinct form of capabilities and special security patches. To use all exceptional and wonderful tweaks we need to root android device. However one single technique is in no way root all android devices. This is because of their different type of patches. Many exclusive form of softwares are available for all specific gadgets. Many developers are working on rooting android devices. To make it easy to users to root any android device with just few clicks.

Chainfire is major name in rooting android devices. Chainfire is great team of developer from Xda. They help us to root most of android devices. They offer CF Auto Root to all Android users. Firstly CF-Auto only developed for Samsung devices but now it is also available for Motorola, Huawei , Asus and Htc. Cf Auto Root supported up-to 300 Devices. This is absolutely easy to root using cf auto root. mostly all Samsung devices are supported.

How to root using cf-auto-root

Things To Remember Before Proceeding to the Tutorial

  1. Battery
    Ensure that your phone has at least 60% battery remaining, and that your PC is plugged in and wont shut down spontaneously during the process. The procedure doesn’t take very long , but its best to have enough charge in case something goes wrong.
  2. Backup (Optional)
    Unlocking the bootloader will/should completely wipe all data from the device. This includes apps, settings and even the contents of the internal sdcard (pictures, music, etc.). Copy all important files off the phone onto a PC or upload them to a cloud.
  3. USB Debugging 
    On your phone go to Settings > About phone > Tap on Build number 7 times. This will enable Developer options. Now go back to Settings > Developer options > Enable USB debugging
  4. Bootloader
    Cf-Auto-Root is worked with unlocked Bootloader devices only. If your devices bootloader already unlocked that’s good. But if not Cf Auto Root first run “OEM Unlock” command with this all your data is deleted so please first backup all your data.

Properly Install USB driver for your Device on PC

First of all this is compulsory to install proper drivers on your PC. Your device connect to PC with help of this driver. If driver are not working all rooting process may fail.


If you are rooting your Samsung device then driver are different than all other devices. Drivers you needed for Samsung phone or tablet get it from HEREDrivers are downloaded in Zip. Just extract it and install drivers on your PC system.

Other Android Devices

If you want to root any other android device except Samsung then drivers are different. Download Driver for any android device from HERE.

Like driver are different for Samsung and other android devices procedure is also little different for both Samsung and other devices. So, we divide process in two parts. First for Samsung devices and second for all other devices supported by Cf Auto Root.

How to Download Right file for Cf Auto Root for your Device

After driver of your device properly installed. Now time to download right file of your device which help you to root your android device. There are up-to 300 devices supported and all have different supported file to download. If you download wrong file it may harm your devices.

To download proper file firstly you need to check out device model and android version. To do this go to settings and open about phone. Here you can find ‘Model Number’ and ‘Android Version’. Remember all this info it help you to download right file for device.

Use cf auto rootuse cf auto root

Now go to this link to download files you needed. Now find matched Model number , Android version and click on download button. If matched model number or android version not available in list then cf auto root not support your device. Please don’t download wrong file and don’t try to use it. It may hard brick or soft brick your device.

After you download correct file browse it on computer where you save it. First you need to extract this file. You can use 7-zip to extract it or any other software. Extract it to desired folder.

Now we have already taken all the necessary steps and now we are going to root  Android devices.

First we show you procedure to Root Samsung device.

How to Root Samsung Devices using Cf Auto Root

If you are using Cf Auto Root to root your Samsung android mobile or tablet then read it or if you want to root any other android device then scroll below and check next procedure.

To upload cf-auto-root file to your device you need to enter into download mode on Samsung device. To enter download mode press and hold ‘Volume down’ , ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ button at a same time. Now some kind of warning are showing on screen just click ‘volume up’ button. Now you are in download mode. After entering download mode connect phone with PC using USB cable. Now leave the mobile and heading upto PC. All procedure are now done on PC.


Now go to folder where you can extract downloaded Cf Auto Root zip. Now find Odin3-v3.X.X.exe file , right click on file and click on “Run as administrator.”root-with-cf-auto-root-modmyandroid

When Odin is open up, wait for “ID:COM” field to turns into blue. Once that happens, don’t change anything in options leave all of the options selected exactly as they are, then click the “AP” button.use cf auto root

After clicking on AP option file explorer window pop-up. In pop-up window browse extracted Cf-Auto-Root file, select the CF-Auto-Root-XXX-XXX-XXX.tar.md5 file, then click “Open.”

how to use cf auto root

From here, wait until the Log tab shows a message that says “Leave CS,” then click the “Start” button to root your device. The entire root process will happen automatically, and when it’s finished, your phone will reboot back into Android.Start cf auto root

Congrats now your Samsung android device is rooted. This is easiest way to root any android device.

Root All Other Android Device (Using Fastboot)

If your trying to root non-samsung device using Cf Auto Root. The rooting process for all other devices are little different than Samsung devices. Instead of download mode we need to put it into bootloader mode. Press and Hold volume down button and power button at same time. When your device is in bootloader , connect your phone to PC using USB cable.use cf auto root using fastboot modeAfter connecting your android phone to PC go to folder where you extract Cf Auto Root zip. From this folder now you double click on root-windows.bat.


At this point, a command prompt window will inform you that CF Auto Root is about to unlock your bootloader and root your device. When you’re ready, press any key to execute the rooting script.use Cf-Auto-Root on samsung devices.

From here, you should see a red Android logo on your phone’s screen, and you’ll see a wall of text scrolling by—this is CF Auto Root doing its job and rooting your device. When the process is complete, your phone will automatically reboot, and you’ll be rooted. At this point, it’s safe to unplug your device from your computer.

Verify Root

Now your device is rooted using Cf Auto Root. If you want to make sure that your device is rooted or not. Download Root Checker from below given link.

After installing app > Open  it up > After app open Tap on “Verify App” > Then grant it root permission. Now if everything done right root checker app come up with message “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device!”

Download Root-Checker-Pro from Here

All Done Congrats now your device is rooted.

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