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Huawei App Center- Download Link

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Hello Guys, welcome to my Blog. Today we are gonna tell you guys about Huawei App Centre.

Here I’m sharing another EMUI app “Huawei app store” which is not easy to get searching on Google etc. This app informs you for the updates about installed apps in your Huawei/Honor device.
 Huawei App Centre
This app is in mostly in Chinese language and it’s the issue with the app because it’s ported from another Chinese firmware.

Download Huawei App Center

Here, it shows the available updates for installed apps.

: Download Here:
Link 1                                                    Link 2

You also need to install Huawei ID app for getting proper access to your Huawei account:


>Tap on “link1” or “link2”
>Tap on “Skip this Ad”
>Tap on “Download”
>Extract after download
>Install the app via apk package
Here’s what you can do
keep the application up to date, with updates that may not yet arrive on the store Google (see WhatsApp with various minor update);
Update system applications such as Music, File Manager and other;
Uninstall app system less useful (for some) as a mirror or magnifying glass
His name was the App Center, then changed HiApp and is available to download from the official link here
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