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Download MX Player AC3 Audio Codec [DTS Codec Support]

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MX Player AC3 Audio Codec

Mx Player is best video Player available for Android. It is only a supported video player with almost every video format. Mx player is packed with tons of feature, with awesome video and audio quality.but as we know everything is not perfect Mx player also has some bugs. One of them is an AC3 sound problem. with this problem, video play’s completely fine on Mx Player but sound doesn’t work. The older version of MX player is work with AC3 audio codec but after some update, its stopped working. This is Due to some licensing issues. Mx player now not supporting AC3 audio codec and you can’t hear audio while playing DTS/ DTS-HD/ AC3/ EAC3/ MLP. But today we help you to get rid of this “MX Player AC3” problem with simple steps.Mx Player AC3

If you are getting tired of Mx player “AC3 not supported problem” then you are at right place. Just now we help you. Just scroll down and check out a solution for this problem.

The AC3 audio codec is now not officially supported by Mx player so we need to upload custom codec created to solve this problem. We can install custom codec using two different methods with installing .apk or using the zip file. After installation, you can easily play any kind video on Mx player.

Which Audio Codec You Need to Download

If you want to get rid of this problem. You have to download the custom codec and install manually on Mx Player. First of all, you need to check which codec you need to download. To do this follow below step to step guide.

– Open MX Player and open Settings

– Now select Decoder

– Go to bottom at ‘custom codec’ name of needed codec is written here

If you don’t want to do all this just download “All In One” codec pack from below it contains all codec pack. After installing this codec every audio or video is working perfectly on MX player.

Download Mx Player Audio Codec Zip files

“All In One” custom codec zip for Mx Player

Download “Mx” custom codec for Mx Player

“Mx Tegra2 zip” custom codec for MX player

Download “Mx Tegra3 zip” for Mx Player

“Mx x86 zip” for Mx Player

Mx Player AC3 Audio Codec Installation (Problem Solve)

After downloading your needed codec or All in one codec now its time to install these codecs. This is really simple and done with few step so let’s start.

– First of all download and codec, If download on PC sends it your mobile SD card.

– After opening MX Player some time it automatically detects codec file on Sd Card.

– If it automatically detects then just click “OK” and Player restart now all audio’s are working.

– But if it doesn’t detect auto then you do it manually

– Open Mx Player setting.

– Now select Decoder.

– Go to the bottom and Click on “Custom codec”

– Then browse the folder where the file saved and click on it.

– Now click on “OK” and Mx Player restart to reload codec.

Now all video and audio’s are playing without any problem.

Download Mx Player AC3 Audio Codec Apk

You can also solve this problem using codec apk file. No need to install any codec manually just install this app and work’s done. Also, Download MX Player Pro APK.


Just Install this app version you want everything is OK. You never get any problem to listen sound in videos.

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