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There are many different apps available to tweak your own Android device, but ‘Pimp My Rom’ is a great app for setting up different types of mods and tweaks on your Android device without a problem. This app is packed with great apps and mods that are not available on any other Android app. Actually, this app is one of the best app for an android rooted user. If you don’t know about rooting then Pimp My Rom app not helpful for you. Every feature of Pimp my Rom is described below read below to fully understand about this app.Pimp My Rom

About Pimp My Rom

Pimp my Rom is not custom Rom, but this app is far better than custom. Pimp Rom help us to install many features that are only available in custom ROMs. This app makes your device’s performance better and changes device looks. If you want to change your device look and make it run faster then you can use this app. All custom ROM has its own different tweaks but it does not give you the power to adjust accordingly. Now you can do it using pimp rom with just a few clicks. All feature for this app is divided into different categories (Tools, Tweaks, Apps & Mods).

Features available in Pimp My Rom:


Rescue Package

This feature helps us if anything goes wrong during use of the app. Before applying any tweaks, it is strongly recommended that you download this flashable rescue package; it will allow you to remove all the pimp my Rom tweaks in the event that some option causes your device to boot loop. This section also contains a button to remove all tweaks from your Android device from an app.

To remove all tweaks go to tools > Rescue Package > Click on ‘Fully Un-Pimp your rom’ button, wait for completion of loading now click on ‘Yes, Reboot!’ to remove all tweaks.

Use Rescue Package if any problem occurs. Go to the custom recovery of your device, Click on install and select ‘Rescue Package’ that is downloaded on your device. Now, all tweaks that enabled by pimp my rom is deleted.

Universal Init.d Support

Enable init.d support if your current ROM/kernel doesn’t have it and checks if you already have init.d support. In all Linux systems, init.d allows for the programmatic execution of scripts at boot-time.

In order to start the process of adding init.d support to your current rom, Press the “Activate” button. Please wait for some seconds when loading completely. Check if Init.d installed successfully.

Press the “Verify” button to check if the installation process was successful or if you simply don’t know whether you have init.d support or not.

 Pimp my CPU

Manage your CPU’s maximum and minimum frequencies and overlock your device if your kernel allows it, change your current Governor and I/O scheduler, see your CPU’s current frequency and manage your voltage level. All settings can be applied at boot. Manage voltage not supported by all kernels, very fewer kernels are supported voltage management.

Density Changer

Modify your device’s LCD Density safely and easily avoiding the common Play Store compatibility issues after dpi changes. Just follow steps and you are good to go. The LCD Density defines the number of on-screen elements for the same pixel definition.

Make sure to follow all steps and complete than in right order to avoid any problems. Be careful not to set a too high or too low density that would make the UI too small/big to revert the settings without re-flashing your rom or restoring a nandroid backup.

Step1: Revert density to stock value.
Step2: Reboot!
Step3: Clear Play Store Data.
Step4: Open the Playstore and hit Accept.
Step5: Change your density to a value you like.

Entropy Generator

Android uses randomness for many different things like UUID generation, SSL keys, session keys etc. This randomness is provided by /dev/random which is very small and limited entropy pool, and when the system runs out of entropy while a process asks for random data, that process will be blocked until the entropy pool is re-filled.

Feed Interval
Feed Timeout
Random Bytes
Fill Watermark
Random Read Wakeup Threshold
Random Write Wakeup Threshold
Reset All Values to Default

Dual Boot-Animation

This feature allows you to have two different boot animations that will be run one time each alternatively. Some boot animations can be downloaded directly, but links are included to help you find a lot more of them.

Lock Apps in Memory

Lock any app installed on your device in memory to prevent it from getting killed by the lowmemorykiller or to prevent the app from redrawing. If locking an app fails, launch it, press home, and try again. Bypass Android’s built-in task killer by locking any installed application in memory, including system apps!

GPS Configuration

Improve your GPS accuracy and lock-speed by downloading and installing the right GPS configuration files (gps.conf). Over 79 countries and 5 continents to choose from!

Device Hidden Menu

Select this option to access your device’s hidden menu, which contains advanced system information and settings, and allows, for example, to set your device’s preferred network mode (WCDMA/GSM/CDMA/LTE/EvDO)


System Tweaks: Select a category from the list below to start tweaking

Network & Internet

Pick some internet, Wi-Fi, 3G, and other network-related tweaks in order to improve security, stability, and speed.

Wi-Fi Connect Speed Tweak
Faster Media Streaming
Faster DNS
Enable HSUPA
ppp0 Interface DNS
Protect against SYN attacks
Avoid Time-Wait
Block Redirects
Block Sources-Routing
IPv4 Tweaks


Tweak your Low-Memory Killer (LMK) values such as OOM Grouping, Minfree values, and ADJ Settings.

3 presets of OOM Groupings (low/mid/high)
3 presets of Minfree values (low/mid/high)
2 presets of zRam compression (64mb/128mb)
Adjust the kernel’s behaviour with the above settings
Adjust the Dalvik VM’s behaviour with the above settings
Renice low consumption processes to a softer value (The new priorities won’t stick after a reboot)

Dalvik VM

Tweak most of your Dalvik Virtual Machine’s (DVM) values such as its max heap size, dexopt flags, bytecode verification. Tweak your DVM parameters to suit your device and your needs.

VM Heap Size
VM Heap Growth Limit
Verification/Optimization and Register Mapping
VM Heap Start Size
Dexopt Data Only
Just-in-Time Compiler (JIT)
Dalvik JNI Error Checking
Dalvik Bytecode Verification

Kernel Tweaks

Allow you to Pimp your kernel’s behaviour to your liking and fine-tune your CPU governors & I/O schedulers.

Governor tweaks
I/O Scheduler tweaks
Disable New-Fair Sleepers
Disabling I/O stats
Disable Normalized Sleepers
Enable/Disable Vertical Synchronization (Vsync)
Disable Gentle-Fair Sleepers

Enable/Disable Features

Choose to enable or disable some Android features, such as hardware acceleration, GPU rendering, 16bit transparency or purgeable assets.

Hardware Acceleration
Force GPU rendering
Surface Dithering
Purgeable Assets
16bit Transparency
Kernel JNI Error Checking
Android Logger
Lock launcher in memory


Manage your device’s telephony-related system values such as dialling, proximity sensor, and ringing delays, SMS/MMS retry timer, improve in-call audio quality, and more in-call volume steps etc.

Call Ring Delay
Proximity Sensor delay
In-Call Volume Steps
SMS & MMS retry timer
AMR Wideband

Miscellaneous Tweaks

Choose between various, uncategorized build.prop tweaks and init.d/sysctl scripts for things like camera or sound improvements.

Optimize sqlite3 Databases
Ext4 File-Systems Tweaks
Internal SD-Card I/O Tweaks
External SD-Card I/O Tweaks
Zipaling all APKs at each boot
Battery Savings
Camera Quality Tweaks
JPG images quality
Flashled Tweaks
Quick Power-ON

Apps & Mods

Install some useful apps and mods that you won’t find on the market. Some options need to be flashed through recovery, make sure you have a nandroid backup in case something goes wrong.

Ad-Block Hosts

Block advertising from over 200000 hosts!, Say goodbye to internet ads, in-app ads, pop-ups. Enable and disable it at will (Requires a small download). Block any kind of Ads.

Pimp My Beats

Install Pimp My Beats sound binaries, libraries, and the Pimp my Beats Digital signal processor manager app. Download it using Pimp My Rom easily.

Bravia Engine 2

Bravia (Best resolution audio-visual integrated architecture) by Sony improves the display quality of images and videos on your device’s screen.

Sony xLoud & ClearAudio+

Install Sony’s xLoud audio enhancement engine to boost the max playback and in-call volumes of your device without deteriorating is audio quality.

Sony Album

Install the image gallery app on the latest Sony Xperia devices. Enjoy the aesthetics and online sharing features of Sony’s apps on any device.

OpenVPN Support

Add support for OpenVPN connections to your current rom by installing the binaries. OpenVPN is the most secure and only open-source point-to-point connection protocol.

Download Pimp My Rom v3.4 (Latest Version)

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Download Pimp My Rom Apk

Pimp My Rom Alpha v3.4 Changelog

New tool: Entropy Generator > Reduce lags by increasing your devices available entropy.

Introducing Pimp my Beats, the new mod that replaces the former beats audio package for better audio tweaking.

Froyo support is back

Update Bravia engine to new Sony Bravia engine 2

Updated xLoud to the new version and added sony clearaudio+

Sony Album updated

No need to download Bravia and xLoud

Automatically flashed the flashable mod

Apps and Mods UI revamped

Added an about tab

Various bugfixes

Pimp My Rom Permission List

Write external storage

Access internet network.

Read from external storage such as SD card.

Allows accessing information about networks.

Access information about Wi-Fi networks.

Receive the boot completed notification that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

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