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How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC or Laptop | Best Way

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Complete Guide on How to Play Pubg on PC

Play Pubg Mobile On PC: Pubg mobile is Incredibly popular these days. Everyone is playing this game and it is a most playable mobile game of 2018. Definitely, Pubg Mobile is the best game but compared to the PC version of Pubg, Mobile has some limitations. If you talk about the game quality, smaller screens, battery problem and most importantly precise shooting. In every aspect, the PC version is far better than the mobile version.

Play Pubg Mobile on PC

So, today we are gonna help you to Play Pubg Mobile on Pc. We are helping you with step by step guide. It is really easy to play Pubg Mobile on Pc or Laptop. You do not need a high-level gaming PC or laptop. It works on any simple PC which has a lower specification. You don’t need a graphics card to Play Pubg Mobile on PC. PC or Laptop processor is way more powerful than the mobile processor, that’s why you can play it without a graphics card.

We use Android Emulator to Play Pubg Mobile on Pc. Before proceeding, all you need to know is what the Android emulator is?

What is the Android Emulator?

Originally Android Emulator was designed to test the Android app on PC. But now many different types of emulator available in the market for windows. Now emulator is used to playing mobile games and use all different type of android apps on PC. To play Pubg on PC we are also gonna use Emulators.

In this post, we are telling you about five wonderful emulators for a playing Pubg Mobile. From below given list, you can check out 5 best and top Emulators.

1. Play Pubg  Game Using Tencent gaming buddy

Tencent Gaming buddy is one of the best Android Emulator for windows especially to Play  Pubg Mobile. Not only best it is actually official emulator for Pubg mobile developed by Tencent itself. Play Pubg Mobile on PC using Tencent Gmaing Buddy

Playing Pubg Mobile on Pc using Tencent Gaming Buddy is the easiest way. Playing Pubg using this emulator is extremely easy. Tencent Gaming buddy is fully optimized for Pubg Mobile.

You can use a keyboard and mouse as well gamepad in order to play Pubg. Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad mapping are already done according to Pubg mobile, you don’t need to change the key mapping. If you want to do custom key mapping then you can also do that according to your ease.

This emulator is my favourite to play Pubg Mobile on PC. It is free to use. Download Tencent gaming buddy from below given official link.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Direct Download Link:

Step By Step Guide to Use Tencent Gaming Buddy

  1. Download Tencent Gaming Buddy .Exe file above given link. It is official Links.
  2. Now select that exe file, Grant it administrator permissions.
  3. Click on ‘Install’ button to start the emulator downloading process.Play Pubg on PC
  4. You can also change the installation path by clicking on ‘Customize’. Then click on install.Play Pubg on PC
  5. When installation complete, Click on the start button.Play Pubg on PC
  6. Now wait for downloading engine and game file, it may take some according to your internet speed. After the download completes, game installation automatically start.
  7. Now enjoy playing Pubg Mobile on PC or Laptop.

2. Pubg Mobile on Bluestacks

Bluestack is most popular Android Emulator on windows. Bluestacks has a huge user base with more than 300M users worldwide. This emulator is in second place because this emulator is not specifically optimized for PUBG Mobile as ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’.

Play pubg mobile on pc using bluestacks

You can also play any game other than Pubg on this emulator. Bluestacks Emulator is better than any Emulator to play Pubg Mobile on PC. This Emulator is completely free but shows you ads.

Its UI is really simple and Keymapping is also really good. You can play with default controls or create based on your own preference.

Download Bluestacks Emulator Official Link:

How to Use Bluestacks

  1. First of all download Exe file from the above given link. It is Bluestack official website link.
  2. Now complete the installation process.
  3. After process complete, Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Pubg Mobile.
  4. Select Pubg game and click on install button.
  5. Once installation completes, click the Pubg Mobile icon in the My Apps tab.
  6. Now Play Pubg Mobile on PC using Bluestack.

3. Play Pubg Mobile on NoxPlayer

Another Emulator is NoxPlayer6. Nox Emulator most beautiful and stylish compared to all other Emulators. You can easily drag and drop to install app or games. Change the different type of skins to make it more beautiful. Make it according to your taste what you like.

Use Noxplayer to play pubg on Pc

Not only look its performance is also good. Play smooth games using Nox. Compatible with games and apps, including new and popular titles. Whether you’re old-school or a newbie, you’ll definitely find something fun to play on Nox.

It also supports both Keyboard/Mouse and gamepad. You can also take screenshots and record videos directly from the emulator. To record screen no need to install extra screen recording software.

Download NoxPlayer6:

How to Use NoxPlayer

  1. First of all download NoxPlayer6 from above given a link and install it on your PC.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and download PUBG Mobile.
  3. After installing run the game.
  4. So now you are ready to start your Battle Royal Game! Enjoy!

4. Play Pubg Mobile on Memu Play

‘Memu Play’ is another best Emulator to play Android games on windows pc and it is integrated for Pubg Mobile game. Its performance is really good. You can install the game directly from this emulator or install game downloaded from outside of play store saved on your PC.

Play pubg mobile using memu play

Play Android Games on PC with Superb Experience. Perfectly support mouse & keyboard or game-pad to play mobile games, Simple and Convenient

Download Memu Play Official Version:

How to Use Memu Play

  1. Download Memu Play EXE from above given a link and install it.
  2. Now download and install Pubg game.
  3. When installation complete, Run it from home screen.
  4. All done, now enjoy and play Pubg Mobile on Pc using Memu Play.

Can we Play With Other Pubg Mobile Player While Using Emulator

Everyone is confused if they are able to play with Pubg Mobile while using Emulator. Yes, you can play but there is some limitation.

If your friend sends you an invite to play together and you accept that invitation. You can play together but all your opponent is also using an emulator, Except your teammate that is unfair for your teammate.

If still you and your friend want to play together then go ahead and enjoy your game. Who knows next “Chicken Dinner” is yours. Now Play Pubg Mobile on PC using any of above emulator.

Comment below which Emulator you use most.

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Enjoy Battle Royale.

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