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Use Substratum on Oreo Devices

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Substratum theme engine app developed to install Substratum themes on your rooted device. This app is already available for Marshmallow and Nougat Android, but this app is now also available for Android Oreo devices. You can change custom theme with Andromeda add-on for Substratum on Oreo device without Root. You heard it right you can change themes without rooting your device.

This all process is tested by Substratum and XDA-Developer team.Not a single problem is occurs if using this app on your device after carefully reading all the steps. No one needs any coding info to use this app, any normal user use it without any difficulty.

Install Custom Themes on Android Oreo Device Using Substratum and Andromeda without Root

Install Custom Themes using Substratum on oreoIn all this tutorial you learn about how to setup Andromeda and Substratum on Oreo devices, Install Custom themes and Un-install Custom themes.


  • Android 8.0 Oreo device
  • Access to a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC
Downloading Files:

Download Andromeda desktop client according to your operating system.Andromeda software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. For windows/Linux extract .zip file and save all archived files anywhere you want. For Mac .dmg files just leave it alone.

  • To install Andromeda first of all you need to enable USB debugging. Follow below step to enable it.
  1. Open Settings on android device.
  2. Scroll to last and select ‘System’.
  3. Now select ‘About Phone’
  4. At bottom tap on ‘Build Number’ until notification popup says “You are now a developer!
  5. Again go back to main setting and you see new Developer Option menu is available.
  6. Open up Developer Options. Note: it may ask you for your device’s pin/password.
  7. Find out and enable “USB debugging.”

How to Install Andromeda :

  • Now open Andromeda installed app on your phone it shows “Connection status disconnected”.

Andromeda Client Disabled

  • Connect your phone to your PC using original USB cables.
  • Run the Andromeda client on your PC that you downloaded in starting of tutorial.
  1. WindowsOpen folder of  downloading files, Click on start_andromeda.bat file to open it. If this needs “Administrator” permission grant it and now command prompt open up. After pressing enter, you’ll see a bunch of ADB commands be sent. These commands set up Andromeda add-on to work it properly.
    use Substratum on oreo
  2. Linux:Click on the script file. You should see a terminal window open up and a few commands running, much like the Windows version as shown above.
  3. Mac:Click on File you downloaded, Now select AndromedaClient, It ask for Disk Image click on Continue, File browser pop-up find “Andromeda” under device list select it and click on continue. Check Out Video.
  • Once  you run Andromeda script on your PC, Substratum app is immediately open in your device. If this happens mean everything is working properly. Now Substratum app is working without root and no need to connect with computer. To verify again that script working or not just open Andromeda app on mobile. It shows “Connection Status” is Connected with green background.
    Install Custom themes using substratum on oreo

Now Andromeda app is setup and running on your device perfectly. This setup is stop working after rebooting your phone So, if you want to install other theme after rebooting just repeat all above steps and you are ready to go. No need to install custom Theme after rebooting device.

Now we began process of how to install custom themes using substratum on Oreo devices.

How to Download and Install Custom Theme :

Before installing Theme you need to choose which theme you want to install. Search for Substratum in ‘Play Store’ and check out all themes available not all themes are free on play store. Most of best themes are Paid but if you need free version just check out Play Store. Don’t use any third party theme with substratum app.

We are using BalticUI theme for this tutorial. This is best theme for who want free theme. This theme have more features then any other free theme. Sai’s Android Oreo Theme is another free and best theme to install. You can also install any other theme.

BalticUI for Substratum Download
[Substratum] Sai’s Android Oreo Theme Download

Once you install any of theme on phone follow below steps:

Install Custom Theme Using Substratum on Oreo :

  1. Open up the Substratum application.
  2. Look for “Baltic UI” in the list. Select it.
  3. There are two ways to install this theme. You can either tap the toggle near the top that says “select to toggle all overlays” which will check every overlay in the list, or you can pick each overlay one-by-one. Note: the themer currently recommends that you do not select the “System UI QS Tile Icons” or “System UI Status Bar Icons” overlay in the list, until he is able to fix them. Always check the Play Store description of any theme you install for theme-specific instructions!
  4. Pay attention to some of the options listed underneath some of the apps. For example, under “Android system” there are 3 dropdown menus for the accent, primary, and background colors of the Android framework. If you expand the dropdown menu, you can pick from a number of options to customize the theme.
  5. Once you’ve picked the app(s) that you want themed, tap on the paint roller floating button in the bottom right.
  6. Tap on “Build & Enable.” You will see a screen telling you which themes are being compiled and installed. After a short time, it should complete without error.

After a few seconds, the theme will compile, install, and immediately be applied. Enjoy your new theme!

How to Uninstall Themes using Substratum on Oreo :

  1. In case you notice something that looks weird, or you want to disable the theme to try another one out, then go back to the main Substratum page and open up “Recovery” in the sidebar menu.
  2. Tap on Restore Theme.
  3. Select either Disable all enabled overlays or Uninstall all installed overlays. Choosing the disable option will leave your themes compiled and installed, but they won’t be applied anymore. Choosing the uninstall option completely removes them from your device. Either option is fine if you want to fix a broken theme!

Substratum theme not only change theme of device it also change and give some tweaks to app like gmail, hangout and other. change loading or processing menu and much more tweaks are available according to which theme you going to install.

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