Google Step in Digital India Launching Tez App

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TEZ App is Launching by GoogleTEZAfter huge step of demonetization by Indian government every one in India facing too much problem due less amount of money.Public stress out due to lack of cash.Then after their are no availability of new paper currency.The replacement of money using all different type of E-wallets are common in public also every type of shop using E-wallets.Government also trying to popularize the online transactions.Government formed a new technology team to do it.After that time demonetization did high impact on online transactions in India.
Many big companies jump in this online transaction market.Companies like Flipkart,Truecaller and Whatsapp is attracted by increasing size of online market in india. Along with this new in market their are many old competitors like Paytm and other.Every bank has their own wallet and all mobile networks mostly have their own app developed. Now google ready to launch TEZ app in market.Google is big competitor for all other company.
This new launched TEZ app is based upon ‘UPI’ transaction after demonetization most companies launched E-wallet with UPI like Phonepe , Bhim and much more. Bhim app is developed officially by government to fight with lack of currency problem.According to ‘The Ken’ website Google also launchin TEZ with UPI feature buit in.Tez app make all transaction more easy for Play Music/Movies (for subscriptions) and Play Store (for paid downloads).
According to ‘The Ken’ TEZ app available for both desktops and mobile devices.Google is trying to launch TEZ on monday. according to ‘Ken’
Two year ago Google first launched Android Pay but that is failure for google and does not work out in market.Hope maybe this time Google TEZ (Tez means fast in hindi) app works out as name of app and grow fast in Indian market.
In all India’s mobile market 97% of shares are only of android.Means 9 out 10 smartphones based on android system.All other wallet companies try to smash each other that’s why this is great time to take the app in market and defeat all other wallets.
Google always try to explorer new product and launch it as soon as possible.Help everyone in good way now this is aging great step by google to launch this app.

Download Google TEZ payment app from here

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