How to Unlock OnePlus 5 Bootloader | 100% Working Guide With Images

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Unlock OnePlus 5 Bootloader

Hello, Guys welcome to Mod My Android, Today we are gonna be providing you guys with a full-fledged tutorial on How to Make the Most of your Oneplus 5 Devices by unlocking the bootloader of Oneplus 5 and rooting it to Maximise the Performance of the Beast.

First of All lemme tell you guys what exactly is Unlocking the Bootloader, To Sum it up in simple words we can call it as a Process which Opens the door of the internal memory of the device to be written on to thus allowing us to flash customs images onto the main partitions of the phone.

Unlocking the Bootloader will Void your Warranty So If you really care about being in warranty kindly leave the Site from here itself.

Unlock Bootloader oneplus 5

Things To Remember Before Proceeding to the Tutorial

  1. Show File Extensions
    Open a command prompt window and run “Control folders” (without the quotes). Go to the View tab and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” option. This will help avoid confusion when renaming files.
  2. Battery
    Ensure that your phone has at least 60% battery remaining and that your PC is plugged in and won’t shut down spontaneously during the process. The procedure doesn’t take very long, but its best to have enough charge in case something goes wrong.
  3. Backup (Optional)
    Unlocking the bootloader will/should completely wipe all data from the device. This includes apps, settings and even the contents of the internal sd card (pictures, music, etc.). Copy all important files off the phone onto a PC or upload them to a cloud.
  4. USB Debugging
    On your phone go to Settings > About phone > Tap on Build number 7 times. This will enable Developer options. Now go back to Settings > Developer options > Enable USB debugging
  5. Enable OEM Unlocking
    On your phone go to Settings > Developer options. Then enable the ‘OEM Unlocking’ option. Also make sure that from now on, OEM unlocking option is enabled before you reboot as sometimes, it might get disabled itself.
  6. Enable Advanced Reboot
    On your phone go to Settings > Developer options. Then enable the ‘Advanced Reboot’ option.

Step By Step Guide on How to Unlock OnePlus 5 Bootloader

  • First Of all Enable OEM Unlocking. To Do So Go to the Device Settings > Developer options. Then enable the ‘OEM Unlocking’ option under the INPUT.
  • Now Install the ADB Drivers For Fastboot. Follow along to Download the Drivers and Install then on your PC. They Are must Before any other Step.
    1. Download the ADB For Windows from here.
    2. Run the .exe file downloaded from above as Administrator.
    3. Press ‘Y’ every time the installer asks for.
    4. Continue Driver Installation.
    Now, ADB and Fastboot have been installed on your PC and should be Working as desired.
  • Now Turn off the device and boot it into fastboot mode by holding volume up + power or select reboot bootloader if an advanced reboot is activated via developer options. The phone will display “fastboot” text indicating that it has successfully entered fastboot mode.
  • Plug the phone into your PC, then open a command prompt window on the desktop (Shift + Right Click -> Open Command Window here) and type:
    fastboot devices

    This command will list the connected devices. If your phones serial number shows up you are good to go and may continue. If the phone is NOT listed this indicates that your drivers are not installed correctly. In order for you to continue, you must fix your drivers so that your phone is listed under fastboot devices.

    If the phone has been recognized by the command above, proceed to unlock the bootloader with the following command:

    Remember this Step will WIPE EVERYTHING off the phone so Backup all your Data


    fastboot oem unlock

  • You would be greeted with an Unlock Bootloader Warning page, Hit the Vol button to select Yes and turn it Blue and Hit the Power Button to Execute the selection
    unlock bootloader oneplus 5
  • Just Follow all these steps to Unlock Oneplus 5 bootloader. For Rooting and installing a custom recovery on OP5 Follow these tutorials.

Hope we have helped you guys to unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus beast. If we were of any help kindly share this post on your social media and help us grow. For any issues and other helps just comment below and we will help you solve your query.

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