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How to Enable Youtube Dark Mode on Android (Root Requires)

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Youtube recently added new dark to its mobile apps, previously dark theme added to the desktop site. Now dark out announced for IOS devices but this is bad news for Android user. According to Google for Android users, an update of the Youtube Dark Mode is coming soon. It may take a long time we don’t know about it yet

But before Youtube officially released a dark theme for Android, You can follow our guide and get Youtube dark mode easily. This is process is easy to use, but your Android device needs to be rooted for this. If your phone is not rooted, Try to root it first and then try to do it.

Youtube Dark Mode ScreenShots

Youtube Dark Mode 3 Youtube Dark Mode 2 Youtube Dark Mode 4 Youtube Dark Mode 1

In this process, we need some system data that’s why you need a rooted device. In this process, we going to modify a value in the shared-prefs /data. This can do with Preferences Manager App, You download it from play store. We need this app and Youtube APK of course. This method also worked with original Youtube App, No need to download any Youtube mod app.

Step by Step Guide to Enable Youtube Dark Mode

  • First of all download Preferences Manager from given link.
  • Now open this app and grant it root permission.
  • Now find and select Youtube app from the list of given apps.
  • Then open “Youtube.xml”.
  • Here search for dark, If two values as given in below screenshot comes up in result then that’s good.Youtube Dark mode 6
  • Select the first value, change it to ‘TRUE’ and click on update button.
  • Now do it same with next value.
  • Now click on back button and close the app.
  • Open Youtube app and Youtube app theme totally changed, Enjoy Dark Mode

If any value not shown after search than follow these steps

  • First of all open Preferences Manager and select Youtube app.
  • Now open “Youtube.xml” and click on plus button given at the top.
  • Then select Boolean and enter “theme_dark_app” as a key without quotes.
  • Set it to be TRUE and click on ADD button.Youtube Dark Mode 7
  • Again click on plus icon and select Boolean
  • This time enters “theme_dark_watch_panel” as a key without quotes.
  • Set it to be TRUE and click on ADD button.
  • Now all done click on back button and close the app.
  • Open Youtube app all done.

Enjoy the all-new look of Youtube. This is the really nice look at youtube with white icons on the black screen. This is really cool but only problem you face is in filter option some of the words may not visible and that might be hard to use filter option.

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